My soil data is incorrect, what to do?

In this article are described all the verifications needed to be done to achieve a first diagnostic.

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My sensors are not responding to water entering the ground.

It’s important to check if the sensors place are receiving water from the irrigation. Generally the sensors are installed with one or two meters from the rod with the Agrosmart sensor. The moisture in the surface can not represent the moisture in the sensor's depth. A simple trench with a digger is a good choice to check if in the sensor’s depth there is moisture. Quite easy, not?

Stay aware if you have some problem with sprinklers or drippers.

Noticed something wrong? Take note of some important information, so we can help.

  • When did you notice the problem? If possible, describe the events that are happening and the sensor is not responding. There’s rain or irrigation in this range of time?

  • Does the equipment stop responding or never respond since it’s installation?

  • Is it possible to check the soil compaction in the sensors area or there’s some prefered water paths?

Is very important to have a good amount of details, so we can help you solve the issues as soon as possible. If needed we will send a technician to the place, so we can do a most relevant investigation.

We are always here to help you achieve the best results!

My equipment stops to send information updates to the platform.

Follow the steps described in this article to check if there something wrong with your equipment.

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