My device isn’t updating on the platform. What to do?

On this article, you will find tips to rapidly identify problems on your devices.

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Following are some important questions to help you identify the usual problems:

1 - Have you checked if your battery isn’t over? Do you want to know how to do it? It is very simple. Just look at your equipment’s battery status on the platform. Replace the batteries when necessary. We recommend the use of alkaline batteries. Some cheaper batteries can have a smaller lifetime. We suggest looking for other alternatives.

2 - How are the physical conditions of the module? Are the modules connectors in good shape?

3 - Are the batteries well inserted into the module?

4 - Is the module booting correctly? To restart the module, remove one of the batteries and put back inside. A green light will flicker twice and then blue and yellow lights will flicker together. This means that the module will start correctly.

5 - Is the module on the correct position with the Agrosmart logo placed horizontally and not upside-down? As in the figure above.

Let us know if even after these checks the module is steel not sending data to the platform and we will look into it and take the appropriate action. This way you will start to receive the data as soon as possible. You can count on us!

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