How do I insert an area?

This article will show you how to draw your own area or import an area already created.

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We offer in our platform two ways to insert your areas, Importa an area or draw your own and for access to any one of them, you need first navigate to the Map. To do it, just click in the Map icon, located at the left tab.

Draw your area

If you choose to draw your own area you also need to choose if you wat to draw as a Polygon or as a Circle. I’ll show you both of them.

Let’s start using the Polygon tool, what do you think?

First you need to select the button that refers to the polygon tool, located at the right corner of your map. At this moment your cursor will change to a cross. From now just click in the map and start drawing your area. At the end, just click in the first point created and the area will close. Simple, isn’t?

Warning: Take care to don’t overlap any of your area lines. If this happens will result in a negative impact on the satellite imagery product, if you have one.

Now, let’s use the Circle tool.

This tool is even more simple to use. Click in the circle icon on the right corner of the map. Your cursor will change to a cross. Nos just click in the center of the desired area and drag to achieve the area size that you want. When you release the button, the area will close.

When you finish the draw on both tools, a new window will appear, showing your area dimension and letting you give it a name.

After choosing a name, you will be redirected to another page, when you can add some more information about your area, but it is not mandatory. So, just save and it’s done.

If you desire to do some change in one area after creating it, just go to the map and click on the edit icon, right below the polygon and circle buttons. After edit, just save and it’s done.

Import your area

Now let’s see the case when you already have a drawn area and want to import it to our platform. We support three possible formats: .kml, .kmz or .shp.

Observation: The archives need to be in the polygon format, if it uses the path, the import will not succeed.

To start the import process click on the icon in the right side of your map.

A window will open, so just drag your file to the box or just select the box and choose one file saved in your computer.

We have an animation to help you.

Once the file was loaded we will show you all the areas that were found. You will have the option of rename it or delete it before save.

Now that you have your area, let’s add a culture and follow your planting.

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