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This article explains about the different user permissions in the platform

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Each user must fit in a single permission profile in the organization that it belongs to.

There are two available profiles nowadays:

Owner - the organization’s manager. The Owner is allowed do create and delete areas, devices, cultures, inputs, inform sowing, create seasons, purchase products for the organization in our store and use all the functionalities provided by the platform.

Member - an organization’s viewer. The Member is allowed to visualize the sensors telemetry, follow the crop status, visualize and use the products in the platform. It may not edit, delete or create anything.

So does that mean that other people may access and view data from my organization? Exactly! But you must invite them allowing the access.

Execute the following steps in order to invite a new user:

  • Access the User Area and click in the Organizations tab (or click here)

  • Access the Organization Members page by clicking in this icon

  • Click in the button Invite user

Inviting a new user requires only its email address and selecting a language. Our platform is available in: Portuguese, English and Spanish. Pretty simple, right?

Important: Only an organization Owner is allowed to see members and invite new ones. All the invited users will be set with Member permissions. Please get in contact with us through the chat if you need to add another user with Owner permissions.

The Organization Members page indicated before shows the permission profile for all users in your organization.

What about inviting now your associates and friends to view your organization and the products that you own ?

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