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This article will show you how to take advantage of our search bar to get a better navigation experience while using our platform.

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The Search bar in our platform can be found in the Maps area, clicking at the map button, or can be found yet clicking here:

We offer this tool to help you browse through your interest points in a fast and efficient way. To do the search, just type the informations in the search box and hit “Enter” on your keyboard, or just click in the magnifier icon. It will load the options related with the given informations, so just click in the desired option, and the map will take you to them.

You can do your search typing the address of the places or using the geographic coordinates.

PS. If your coordinates are using the degrees, minutes and seconds format (e.g.: -26°47’56.34”), you need to convert it to decimal format. You can use a third party tool that we provide in this link.

Pay some special attention when use the above format (latitude and longitude), because you need to use a dot as a decimal separator.

And as the last point, after inset your equipments or your areas, you also can do the search using their names.

Now that you know all the information about the search bar, is time to some browse in your platform and enjoy this convenience.

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