This article will explain how devices are configured on our platform.

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You can access the equipment screen on our platform by clicking on the left sidebar icon or by clicking here.

On this screen, you can register your pieces of equipment with Agrosmart communication technology and also all other devices and machinery that you have on your property.

Automatic Modules

The automatic modules are pieces of equipment that send and update the data on the platform so you can visualize it on the equipment telemetry screen. To better understand this kind of equipment and start to visualize the data 24 hours per day, you can contact us via chat on the left corner of your platform, and one member from our commercial team will help you.

Now, shall we go to your automatic module configuration page?

Click on Add Automatic Module with the left mouse button.

Select the manufacturer and the part number of your equipment.

The manufacturer? Can I register an automatic module that is not from Agrosmart? Yes, you can! Use the chat to contact us to know if we already have integrated the equipment or click here if it is an iMetos station.

Let’s continue considering that you have Agrosmart equipment with satellite communication technology.

Then fill in the following information.

After selecting the equipment configuration a window will appear with the equipment sensors for you to activate or deactivate the ones that you own (e.g.: meteorological station with or without soil temperature sensor). It is important that you activate the sensors that you own because only if you activate them they will show on the telemetry screen.

Observation: some sensors may have specific parameters that can vary depending on the equipment installed on the field and it is necessary to inform them at this moment. But you can relax, if it is necessary to alter a sensor you will be noticed on the day of installation.

Now that you finished adding your automatic module, you can already access the telemetry screen and visualize all the data measure through graphs or tables.

If you have any doubt about filling each information necessary, you can contact us through the chat icon of the platform.


Click on Add Implements button.

Manual Modules (Rain Gauges or Tensiometers)

The pieces of equipment that you own and measure them on the field can also be added and will appear on the map on the location of your choosing. On an upcoming update, we will add the option for you to add the data and visualize it as graphs.

Click on Add Manual Module to add the equipment.


Click on the Add Tractor button.

For all added pieces of equipment, you can perform three actions:

Access measurement: visualize the measured or added data from the equipment;

Edit: edit all equipment registry information;

Remove: remove the equipment.

Warning: by selecting “Remove”, the entire history of the equipment will be lost.

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