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Devices - Telemetry

This article presents the telemetry functionality of our platform

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Note: the devices need to be firstly registered on the platform. For that, you can follow the steps described in this article.

You can access the telemetry screen for the devices in two ways.

The first way is to click on the device icon on the map and then click on the Graphics button.

The second way is through the action button Access Measures in the device page (you can find it on the left menu)

When you access the telemetry page, the first thing you should do is to confirm that the device and the filtered period is what you want to see. If not, you can adjust the filters and select the way you want the data to be grouped (initial date, end date and periodicity). Once ready, you can click on the filter button to update the page.

The periodicity can be: hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, annual and all data (no grouping).

Tips: You can navigate between the device and the filters will remain the same, so it is easy to make a comparison between the devices.

Date are presented in two ways: graphics and table at the bottom of the page. Both forms can be extracted to be placed in a report or to be reworked. The icon for the extraction is located in the upper right corner of each graphic or table.


Regarding graphics, we have two tips to present to you, so you can have the best out of our telemetry graphics.

For the first point, you can see that some variables are not displayed by default (they are crossed out on the subtitle). Those that are not crossed out, are those that appear visually in the graphic. If you click in any variable you will switch it on or off on the graphic.

And the second, we have a bar below the graphic that helps to quick filtering and clearly visualize. Click on any of the darker edges of the bar and drag to the side to decrease the range. And then, click in the middle of the bar and move to the side to go through the programmed initial range.


The data available on the tables will follow the same filtering set at beginning. If data are grouped we will display the maximum, minimum and mean values for the period.

For cumulative variables, such as precipitation, it will show the sum of the data for that period.

Observation: the graphics that appear on the telemetry screen are related to the configuration defined in the moment of the device insertion.

Click here to access the article that demonstrates how to insert a device.

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