How to access the sensor test mode?

This article teaches you how to do a simple test in the field to identify whether your module's sensors are properly connected.

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If you are in doubt as to whether your device is working properly we suggest this article.

The soil modules can have additional sensors attached depending on their configuration, such as rain gauges and soil temperature sensors.

To perform the test, you must remove the module cover using a philips screwdriver and perform the following steps.

Agrosmart Satellite Modules

1. Remove the batteries from the module;

2. Confirm that the configuration keys located in the upper right corner of the module are in the correct position according to the sensors. If you have any questions, please contact our commercial team or talk to us directly through our platform and we will inform you what should be the correct setting.

If the keys are not in the correct positions, adjust them at this point. See below how the key should look for the main settings;

3. Place the batteries in the module.

4. The system will start to turn on. As soon as the green light flashes for the first time, press the button and hold it down until you hear a sequence of sounds (approximately 10 seconds). The four LEDs will light simultaneously at this time.

5. Release the button.

Ready. You have entered in the test mode. Each configuration has different tests, choose the desired configuration below to view the details of the test procedure.

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