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How to verify that the sensors from the Weather Station are correctly installed?
How to verify that the sensors from the Weather Station are correctly installed?

On this article you will find how to check if the sensors are correctly connected to the telemetry device and are working properly.

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If you got here on this article we believe is because you already know how to properly set your weather station to the test mode. If it is not the case, please refer to this article first, which will guide you through the process.

Once in test mode, your telemetry device will be beeping and flashing some of the leds. To go out of test mode you just need to restart the device.

The color of the leds that are blinking and the beep patterns will help you understand the progress on the tests so far.

Below you will find a table that describes what each of the blinking patterns represents.

Notice that the two first patterns may mean that some tests were not yet executed. Thus, when one of these patterns appears, you just need to execute the following procedures:

Rain Gauge Test:

  1. Remove the rain collector cup

  2. Move completely the tipping bucket ten times.

Anemometer Test:

  1. Perform two complete turns on the wind speed sensor

If your weather station is correctly installed and the tests were executed correctly the beeping sequence will be ascendant and the green led will be blinking!

However if any of the procedures were not correctly executed or if there is any issue with the sensors the beeping sequence will be negative and the pattern of the leds will describe where the problem is located. If it is this case, the first step is to check proper connection of the connectors to the module or if there no connector which is twisted or on the wrong position.

Agrosmart Conversor Module

If after these tests the weather station is not properly working please contact us.

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