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How to check sensors installation
How to check if Sentek 60 sensors are correctly installed?
How to check if Sentek 60 sensors are correctly installed?

In this article you will find how to check if the device soil sensors are correctly connected to the Sentek 60 sensor.

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If you got here on this article is because you are already in test mode and want to confirm that your Sentek 60 sensor is connected correctly. If it is not the case, please refer to this article first, which will guide you through the process of entering in test mode.

From this moment, your module will present some light and sound indicators. They will stay in this mode until the sensor is restarted.

These luminous indications by LEDs and the sonorous ascendants and descendants are the test results until this moment.

We prepare a table to help you understand the meaning of each LEDs indication. The meaning will be associated each to a port of satellite device

Satellite module ports

If your device does NOT have a rain gauge and the test result is only the green LED flashing it means that the soil sensor is working correctly.

However, if your equipment has a Rain Gauge, notet hat the second possible results indication can mean that the rain gauge test is not executed yet. So, when this combinations appear, just do the below cited procedure, and your equipment’s test will go on.

Rain gauge test:

1. Remove the rain collector cup.

2 .Move completely the tipping bucket ten times. (from one side to the other)

If your equipment has no problem and the procedures are performed exactly as described the sonorous indication will become ascending.

If after executing the above procedure the result of your test shows a flashing light and descending sound, remove the sensor connector and reinsert it into the device in the correct position(it must enter without forcing) and return to the step 1 above to start the test again.

If after performing all these steps and confirming that the connectors are properly connected and still the test indicates an issue with the rain gauge or the Sentek 60, talk to your contact at Agrosmart or send us a message in the chat to report your problem.

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