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Now that the current plantation is setup in your areas, you can access the Seasons screen through the left sidebar or click here.

You’ll see some information about the cultures in the areas that are planted after creating the season. It is important to plant the areas before using this feature. Click here in case you haven’t set the plantation in your areas yet.

Important: All your areas will show up in the list when selecting the areas for this season. Select only areas where you’ve setup the plantation.

Your season will show up in the seasons screen once it is setup and a few actions will be available.

Remove: It will remove this season from your organization. Take care with this action since it removes all the season’s data history.

End season: Use this button to end the season manually if it happens earlier than informed in the setup. A season will stop updating when ended.

Edit: This function allows updating all the parameters inserted when creating the season.

Dashboard: This action takes to a screen to visualize all the areas in this season.

The dashboard is only a view screen.

The parameters and data shown on it are updated automatically based in the area’s culture and the updates inserted in the crop management screen.

An ended season remains saved and may get consulted at any moment. This allows comparing it to other seasons or exporting a report.

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