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How can I include my iMetos weather station?
How can I include my iMetos weather station?

This article explanis how to get a PublicKey, PrivateKey and Station ID of a iMetos station from Pessl

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Do you have a iMetos station and would like to add in the Agrosmart platform?

For that purpose, you can navigate to the equipment page (accessible from left menu) and add a new automatic equipment. You will need to choose the Manufacturer Pessl. See how it will be possible by following the these steps.

Then, we will ask for your public and private keys (PublicKey and PrivateKey) and the

identification of your station (Station ID).

You will get all data (station model, Station ID, PublicKey and PrivateKey) from the Pessl website You can check and create your keys directly through this link.

That is it. Now, you can add your iMetos station in the Agrosmart plataform.


Alternatively, in your weather station you will find a label with three numbers, as in the

example below:

Serial: 12345ABC

Key 1: abcde

Key 2: xw12

If you provide these three codes in our chat, we will be able to guide you and register the station for you.

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