If your product is already configured, and you are looking for help on how the product works, the article that you are searching for is the one here.

To configure irrigation management on an area we have some steps that you must follow in order. Don’t worry, we will guide you throughout this process. We arranged the steps in different articles and you can come back later if you need assistance in one of the specific steps.

1º -Create an area

2nd - Associate automatic equipment that will be part of the management of this area. If you do not have an equipment registered already, click here.

3rd - Associate the irrigation system that will operate in this area - If you did not yet registered an irrigation system, click here.

4th - Associate a forecast point - Optional

If you have a weather forecast point in our Agrosmart ATMOS product you can associate it and thus have a forecast of water demand for your area in the next 7 days. If you do not have one yet, go to the store to get your weather forecast.

5th - add the soil analyzes

6th - Register the crop to be planted

7th - Planting crop in the area

8th - Configure and start irrigation management

After performing all these steps, the irrigation management will be configured and irrigation recommendations will be displayed when necessary. Do not forget to insert the irrigation events as they are essential to have correct recommendations.

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