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Why are the images on my farm not up to date?
Why are the images on my farm not up to date?

If you got here is because you are in doubt about the operation of the Agrosmart Satellite Images product.

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The images provided by Agrosmart are generated for you to monitor the development of your crop plants throughout the crop season. You will be able to identify potential problems and follow the evolution over time.

This article will explain the difference between the satellite images on the map (which are displayed only for your guidance) and the Satellite Image Product (View) (which allows you to monitor your crops with images updated weekly).

Above we have a center pivot with a satellite photo with an updated NDVI filter provided by Agrosmart in the center of the image and around the satellite image of the map that is used for guidance.

As you can observe, the center of the image is green, identifying a great quantity of plants, whereas around the pivot, the areas in yellow and red, it indicates that possibly there is no healthy development of plants or there is bare soil.

See below details of the differences between the two images.


On our platform you will have access to the map, where you can view all areas of the world, draw the fields of your property and view the registered products and equipment.

The images that are used to compose this map are updated a few times throughout the year. You can see the year and the company that captured these images in the bottom right corner of the map. See the example below:

If you are looking for the most up-to-date free images to browse your farm or even draw areas, you can use the Google Earth tool. If you draw areas in Google Earth you can then export them to the Agrosmart platform, see how here.

Agrosmart View (Satellite Imaging Product)

If you have already included your areas and purchased our satellite imagery product, you will be able to view the most recent images provided by Agrosmart. In addition to the NDVI filter (If you want to understand what NDVI, click here) we have the RGB filter, which reproduces the same color patterns as the human eye. In this product you will have a new image every 5 days. See the animation below as an example.

To learn about our Satellite Images product click here! If you wish to purchase it access our store via the store link.

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